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Girls Backpacks

Discover unique school backpacks for girls and toddlers from Matilda Jane. Picture these charming backpacks and matching lunchboxes adorning your little ones as they head off to school. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to bring a smile to their faces and a touch of whimsy to their daily adventures.

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Fluttering Blossoms Backpack (PRE-ORDER)Fluttering Blossoms Backpack (PRE-ORDER)
Fluttering Blossoms Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)Fluttering Blossoms Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)
Rainbow Garden Backpack (PRE-ORDER)Rainbow Garden Backpack (PRE-ORDER)
Rainbow Garden Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)Rainbow Garden Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)
Joyful Jamboree Backpack (PRE-ORDER)Joyful Jamboree Backpack (PRE-ORDER)
Joyful Jamboree Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)Joyful Jamboree Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)
Blooming Bright Backpack (PRE-ORDER)Blooming Bright Backpack (PRE-ORDER)
Blooming Bright Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)Blooming Bright Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)
Spring Fling Backpack (PRE-ORDER)Spring Fling Backpack (PRE-ORDER)
Spring Fling Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)Spring Fling Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)
Scholarly Sweetheart Backpack (PRE-ORDER)Scholarly Sweetheart Backpack (PRE-ORDER)
Scholarly Sweetheart Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)Scholarly Sweetheart Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)
Hula Homework Backpack  (PRE-ORDER)Hula Homework Backpack  (PRE-ORDER)
Hula Homework Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)Hula Homework Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)
Quilted Quest Backpack  (PRE-ORDER)Quilted Quest Backpack  (PRE-ORDER)
Quilted Quest Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)Quilted Quest Lunchbox (PRE-ORDER)