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It is so much more than just clothes…

As a community, Matilda Jane works with a purpose: to bring happiness into the lives of the customers we adore and to Spread the Love to others as far as we can reach. From the very beginning, we wanted this company to make dreams come true and to make the world a little better place, any way we could.

FounderMight Acorn Foundation

The idea for the foundation was sparked by visits that Denise, David, and a team of friends and family made during November 2012 and February 2013 to Kenya. Since that time, the foundations primary focus has been centered on impacting the Kipsongo Slums of Kitale, Kenya. The Kipsongo Slums are home to several thousand children who live hopelessly day after day, searching for food, searching for love.


Supporting Denise’s Mission

Denise believed that one act of kindness, passion, and the courage to achieve your dreams could change the world. That is what started the Mighty Acorn Foundation.

Matilda Jane, Trunk Keepers and many customers are active in this foundation through sponsoring children and their generous donations.